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What is enlightenment?

Are you familiar with a bell curve? there is probably one human being on the planet right now that is more aware than the rest of us. Does this seem possible to you there's probably 1 million more aware than the other 7.9 billion.

Awareness is understanding, simply said the more aware you are the more you understand.

The best thing you can do for your family, your workplace, for the planet is increase your level of awareness.

Change is happening at an unprecedented rate on our planet. Awareness is the first key to change the more aware you are the more you can change.

Our planet needs you to become more aware. There's positive energy on the planet and there's negative energy on the planet. Which do you think there's more of right now positive or negative? It takes negative energy to make change, to get people to move but sometimes the energy can get out of balance. Do you want to be positive?

Plus them simply means that whenever you meet a human being, you're making them feel better or worse. Is that simple, plus them!


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